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Thank you for making a Donation to assist our school with it’s Fund Raising.

All donations or funds received go towards the requirements of our school. Our directors are all volunteers and assist with the allocation of funding towards the most necessary requirements based on current needs. We would love to Thank You for your contribution and would appreciate you contacting us to confirm your donation. Please use the form provided!

Contribution Confirmation & Allocation

Thank you for contributing. Please use the form below to notify us of your donation. While we generally allocate funding where it is needed most, please let us know if you donated towards a specific Purpose, Project or Cause.

  • Sponsor A Child

    Sponsoring a Child is the most popular Cause we have running. It costs R500 p/month or R6000 p/year to support one child.

  • Adopt A Project

    Adopt A Project is a contribution towards one of our projects which are devised to enhance facilities and/or technology to better the school as a whole.

  • Ad-Hoc Donations

    Ad-Hoc Donations are added to our fund raising account and allocated by our financial directors to the most necessary requirement(s) of the school.



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Educating a child makes a difference
Help us support and educate the children of our poorer communities

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