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Help cover the cost of educating a child at Ubunye-Educare for a year. This includes tutoring, stationery and nutritious meals/snacks.






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Financial contributions help us fund the needs of our school and children.

Contributions can be made via Payfast, SnapScan or Bank Transfer (EFT), all of which is greatly appreciated.
Some of our specific needs are listed below…

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Account Name: Ubunye Educare Centre
Account No: 10012614414
Account Type: Current Account
Bank Name: Investec Bank Limited
Branch Name: 100 Grayston Drive
Branch Code: 58 01 05

Fund Distribution

100% of funding received is re-invested into our school.

Our Founders, Directors and Trustees are all Volunteers and all money raised for Ubunye-Educare Centre is used for the running and further development of our school.

Funds and items received are used for various development projects, to pay educators and administrative staff and to buy necessary equipment…





Current Requirements

Varying from monthly expenses to once-off acquisitions

The donations or funding needs of Ubunye-Educare include covering the monthly expenses to run our school effectively, the costs of feeding and supporting our children and the acquisition of new equipment to keep our level of education in line with industry standards and curriculum requirements.

Our most sought after requirements are listed below:

RequirementItem DescriptionCostsDonate
Cost of Hearing Screening DeviceA once-off purchase cost for a Hearing Screening device to serve 120 preschoolers.R11'990
Purchasing of Sound EquipmentA once-off purchase that could pay for the purchase of a sound system.R5'000
Graduation Ceremony - AllA once-off cost to cover the graduation ceremony for 120 preschoolers.R32'450
Graduation Ceremony - OneA once-off cost to pay for the graduation ceremony for one preschooler.R275
ECD Practitioners – AllMonthly salaries for four Early Childhood Development Practitioners (ECD)R44'800 p/m
ECD Practitioners – OneMonthly Salary for one Early Childhood Development Practitioner (ECD)R11'200 p/m
Assistant ECD Practitioners – AllCost for salaries for four ECD Practitioner Assistants.R20'000 p/m
Asst. ECD Practitioner – OneSalary cost for one ECD Practitioner Assistant.R5'000 p/m
Model of Care for One childCost of Early Childhood Development Education for 1x child to attend our School.R1'490 p/m
Nutritious meals & snacks – AllMonthly cost to pay for a nutritious meal and snacks for our 120 children.R11'400 p/m
Nutritious meals & snacks – OneMonthly cost to provide a nutritious meal and snacks for one preschooler.R95 p/m

Educating a child makes a difference
Help us support and educate the children of our poorer communities

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