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Failed or Cancelled Transaction(s)

Apologies, it seems something may have gone wrong!

Either some technical issue has occurred or you may have cancelled the transaction/purchase. If you want to try again, please follow the instructions in the relevant section below…

Failed Transactions

Failed transactions usually occur when technology decides to be uncooperative or when their are authorisation issues with the payment gateway and your bank.

Usually this is very quickly resolved by simply going back to the starting point and trying again.


Alternatively you can select another method of contributing, using our Payment Pages listed below.

Cancelled Transactions

A cancelled transaction is usually triggered by your accidental or deliberate cancelling of the transaction.

If the transaction was cancelled in error; please go back to the DONATIONS Page and start again.


If you changed your mind can you give us feedback as to why, so we can improve our processes? Contact Us!

Another Way to Contribute

Maybe one of our other Payment options suite you better!
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